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Betting In Online Craps

Playing online craps requires knowing the bets and the types of these ones that you can place since many players consider them as pure strategy for their winnings. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you can place the bet even if you do not throw the dice. It is therefore necessary for you to know the rules and what exactly can make your online craps bets be winners for your way of playing.

Read on the following lines and find out the types of bets that you can place while playing online craps: Pass Line Bets which are also known as ‘Front Line’ bets counting as the simplest bet. This is the moment when you place the bet that the shooter will win the game. With the online version it is therefore important for the game to take place with at least two players in order to make sure that you bet on the shooter. One other thing that you should know about this bet: you can place craps bet at any time, but most of the times it is placed before the roll of ‘come out’ is made. The winning comes whenever a seven or eleven is rolled. The losing occurs when 2, 3, or 12 is scored with the dice roll.

Don’t Pass Bets come as the type of bets that are the opposite of the above ones and are known as ‘Back Line’. As such your betting is placed against the shooter (that they will not win the game). Odds Bets come as those odds bets as option to Pass Line Bets or Don’t Pass Bets. This happens when the shooter sets the points within the ‘Come Out’ dice roll. In this type of bet, casino house has no advantage so long as your bets are not placed against it. This comes also as a way to make your ‘Pass Line’ and ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bets much stronger. Come Bets are the options similar to the ‘Pass Line’ bets with the difference that the bet is made after the point is set. Once the next dice roll comes into the play it turns into ‘Come Out’ roll for the bet. ‘Come’ bet will bring winning when the dice score seven or eleven and losing occurs when the dice score two, three or twelve.

In case other numbers are scored with the dice roll into the game will make your bet to move to that particular score number. You can be called a winner in case the point is re-set before seven is scored again. Hardways are those bets for scores that come as the total of similar sides of the dice. For instance, you call it ‘hard’ the 4+4, 6+6 and so on. So, the winning comes in when these ‘hard’-s are rolled in the game.